City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare from The Figment Reviewby Kay Fraser

I’m one of the many readers that has been waiting for this book eternally. Even when it didn’t exist; when it was a twinkle in Cassie Clare’s mind. I’m one of the readers that finished City of Glass for the third time and wondered… What’s next? How can I live without these characters forever?  The Mortal Instruments series fans have been having wild dreams about re-opening the trilogy, waiting, hoping for more. Then it happened, the press release was out, and we all celebrated and stalked Cassie’s twitter, yet knew the waiting would be total torture.

The Mortal Instruments is one of those series that has a world wide following. Clary, Jace, Simon, Alec, Magnus, Izzy, and Maya have been trailing in the back of our heads for two years now, simmering down…

Even after being part of the crew for the City of Fallen Angels book trailer produced by my friend Vania Stoyanova I was clueless on what to expect of the book. The ARC’s were limited, and Cassie was strategic even when working with us on the trailer. She was clever in choosing which words she would use to explain… without unveiling any plot spoilers. She was an evil genius; I was hoping for a plot slips, but of course that didn’t happen.

Today City of Fallen Angels was rated first on The New York Times bestseller list after being released last Tuesday. Not surprising to me, but a sign of how The Mortal Instruments phenomenon has grown in the last two years.

So how was the book?  You guys know me. I’m the kind of reviewer that doesn’t like to spoil the fun. So I wrote this review with my signature character, scattered thoughts.

My friends, City of Fallen Angels was extreme awesome sauce.

Here are the Ingredients:

Simon: Changing, adapting, losing himself, uncertain, unleashed, dangerous, clueless, beautiful, true, alone.

Clary:  Adventurous, emotional, strong, passionate, insecure, dependable, secretive, spontaneous, confused, soft.

Jace: Scared, unsure, fatal, sleepless, tired, needing, ironic, stubborn, in the search of identity, heartfelt, worried, rough, deeply lost.

Alec: In a daze, jealous, dependent, loving, caring, in need of assurance, questioning, in love, adjusting, awakening while mourning.

Izzy : Inwards, non-believer,  reactive, committed, free, unwelcoming, rash, gorgeous, strong, implacable, pushing barriers, pained, discovering, taking chances.

Magnus: Sure, entertaining, animated, exciting, flashy, settling, re-arranging, evolving, restarting, deciding, initiating, experienced, understanding.

Maya: Remembering, true, free, confronting, happy, trusting, forgiving, unsure, confused, changing, diamond in the rough, dangerous, harmful.

Add a sprinkle of new characters here and there, like Kyle and Maureen. Grab a huge spoon. Mix your ingredients and you’ll have the best plot sauce ever, labeled Cassie Clare’s reserve.

The pace of the book is fast. The various third person omniscient narratives make feelings stronger and reflections deeper and more attached. These bring the reader closer to the story trying to absorb more information. The plot builds up and unfolds in perfect speed, by the hand of Cassie’s gorgeous embellishments and detailed descriptions.

The ending… What can I say about the ending?  I  have name for it:  C.C.C., or Critical Cassie Classic. Yes, readers, your jaw will drop, in the hopes of gasping for air. The last two pages will change your life, believe me.

The next installment for The Mortal Instruments is City of Lost Souls, which won’t be available until 11 months from this date. Yes, it’s torture, but well worth the wait!

If you haven’t read the first three The Mortal Instruments books, they are a must on your to-read list and City of Fallen Angels should follow suit.  If you haven’t read this series yet as a reader of YA Fantasy, you haven’t lived. Just saying. Get them. Period.

Kay Fraser is a book designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, residing in Minneapolis. Her dark secret? She is bilingual. When she’s not designing, reading, writing, over-drinking coffee, or chasing around her two little monsters, she’s on Twitter at @kaymfraser or blogging at

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