Winners for Contemporary Contest with Gayle Forman

Hello, Figmenters! This post brings you the winners for the AASL Contemporary Contest with Gayle Forman. Your challenge was to write a piece (750 words or less) with a story that took place in one day and included original lyrics. Congratulations to all the finalists, and a round of applause for those who participated!

The winner, chosen by Gayle Forman, is The Square Root of Negative One by Cesia Kloudsmouth and the runner-up is Pulling Me Through by Kristin Yuki. Congratulations, guys!

The finalists:

Jeremy’s Song by Magggie H
Our Song by Alex C.
A Voice by Jessica T.
One More Day by Izzy
Puzzle Pieces by Charlotte Hennessey
If Time Could Freeze by Sbookdog
Not Forgotten by Casey
1 Day, 1 Song by Sydney Hack

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  1. Hmmm…”Hideyho” I wonder if someone is a Home Improvement fan? Or more specifically, a Wilson fan? (“Hideyho Neighbor” Wilson’s catchphrase)

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