Announcing the Finalists of the Alyson Noel Romance Contest!

April may be the cruelest month for some, but for Figmentarians it’s been a jam-packed month of AASL-sponsored contests. For the latest challenge, inspired by the works of Alyson Noel, writers were asked to compose a short piece that described a romantic meeting that occurred in an unusual setting. The eleven most hearted entries are (dun dun DUN):

My Knight by Alex C.
The Man of my Dreams by Eliza M. Yeager
The Middle by Katarina .)
Love On Delay by Charlotte Hennessey
Silly Questions by Jessica Liaudat
Forever by Roberta Shapiro
Confessions in the Dark by Trisha Wallis
Green Eyes and Berry Pie by M.T. Lucas
Down the Rabbit Hole by Kiki Rose
Missing Piece by Sam Makowski
I Found My Love In A Chicken Coop by Isabel Sutter

Congratulations to our finalists! These entries will be sent to Alyson Noel who will then select a winning submission.

9 thoughts on “Announcing the Finalists of the Alyson Noel Romance Contest!

  1. Thanks to all the people who hearted mine! And does just the writing get sent to Alyson Noel, or do all the comments and reviews get sent too?

  2. When I searched “romancecontest” in the tags and arranged the entries by most hearted, my story showed up 8th. Did I get it in too late? I’m just a little confused (and disappointed) about why it wasn’t a finalist. But congratulations to all those who are finalist! Good job!

  3. My comment has been awaiting moderation all day. Is something wrong? Or is that normal? Sorry but I’m new to figment 🙂

    • Hi Isabel

      We are so sorry for that mix-up! Your entry has now been added to the list of finalists. I’m sorry we didn’t respond sooner, but we’re closed on the weekends and are thus a little slow in responding. Sorry again!

  4. -Me again, sorry I usually don’t comment on things twice, but I had a question-
    Do you know when the winner will be announced or is it a ‘we’ll get to you later'(not in a rude way) kind of thing?

    • Hi Katarina

      The finalists have been sent off to Alyson Noel, who will be choosing the winner. We’ll announce the winner as soon as she decides 🙂

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