Winner of the Romance Contest!

Alyson Noel read the finalists and chose her winner. Congrats to The Man of my Dreams by Eliza M. Yeager!

Also, congrats to the runner-up, Love On Delay by Charlotte Hennessey!

Big round of applause to all of our finalists!
My Knight by Alex C.
The Middle by Katarina .)
Silly Questions by Jessica Liaudat
Forever by Roberta Shapiro
Confessions in the Dark by Trisha Wallis
Green Eyes and Berry Pie by M.T. Lucas
Down the Rabbit Hole by Kiki Rose
Missing Piece by Sam Makowski
I Found My Love In A Chicken Coop by Isabel Sutter

7 thoughts on “Winner of the Romance Contest!

  1. I can’t believe I won! Congrats to all the finalists though. I’ve read all of the stories and they were all amazing!!

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