Serial Contest Winners!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. So without *much* further ado, here are your winnahs!

Taking the judges’ top-spot by a unanimous decision is Flour House by Kimberly Karalius! *Applause* Of Flour House, Celeste Selene said, “Kimberly’s Flour House included great visual descriptions, excellent character development, and kept readers hooked on the plot from beginning to end.” Alex B. added, “The way the story was written was beautiful. I could feel, see, hear, and taste everything that was described. It was amazing; everything flowed smoothly.”
Our two winners randomly selected from the completed entries are Happenstance by Angela Pupino and Screen by Desie! *Raucous cheering*

The judges wanted to give Project Marbles by Tateni Marunda Tareto Urio an honorable mention. Jina <3 said, “I thought Project Marbles was so good because the of the detail and how unique it was. I’ve never read anything like it. I felt like I was inside the character’s (weird) head.” and Rory the Ravishing said, “Project Marbles reads like classic science fiction much like the works of Asimov and Wells. Rather than simply emulating older pieces to keep the reader’s attention, though, the author throws in…stylistic writing to freshen the genre.”

Big round of applause to all of our finalists:
The Serial Killer’s Diaries by John C. Steele
Goosefoot by Linna Lee
Truth Comes to Light by Charlotte Hennessey
What the Heck by Ana Curtis
Sympathy for the Devil by Matthew DeBoer
Team: Beta Espion by Fiona Plunkett
Secret by Roro
T.O.Y by Matthew Reeves

And another round of cheers for our panel of Figment judges. They read every finalist and spent over 2 hours (!!) hashing out a winner. Thanks so much for your time and energy, Alex B., Jina <3, Celeste Selene, and Rory the Ravishing!!

17 thoughts on “Serial Contest Winners!

  1. Congrats Kimberly and Tateni! Even though my piece was a finalist, I had a feeling that Flour House would win from the first chapter. Very deserving.

  2. Hi, congratulations to the winners!!! I was just wondering when the next contest is, because no offense to the Figment staff, but I’m not interested in the current ones, but I always like keeping an eye open since I love writing, and am quite a bit competitive. Any help?

  3. Dear Maria, Lindsay, Emily, and whoever else it concerns,

    Now that the serial contest is over, I just wanted to thank you for giving my story and honorable mention. Thanks again, and if I may ever return the favor (however that might be accomplished), I will!


    P.S. I’m starting to get really frustrated, as this is the third time I’ve posted this comment. For some reason, it refuses to stay posted!

  4. Hey Desie-
    Make sure to check your spam folder–I’ve emailed you twice about how to claim your prize!

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