Flip Contest Winner!

The time has arrived… Martyn Bedford has chosen a winner!
Congratulations to Heartless by G. Gómez! Of Heartless, Martyn said, “In Heartless, the idea of two souls switching bodies during a heart transplant is a brilliantly original set-up and so chillingly told it left me feeling quite spooked! The prose is tight and well-controlled and yet manages to convey the emotional power of the situation . . . every ounce of the narrator’s terror and panic comes through.”

He also chose a runner up: Sixteen Going On Six by Kelsey Rebecca Martyn said, “What I liked most about Sixteen Going On Six was the voice the writer created for the boy-turned-girl narrator, the touches of humour in the story and the fact that, by the end of this opening chapter, I was completely hooked into wondering what happens next.”

Congrats to all of our finalists:
Rebirth by No One of Consequence
Here We Go Again by Nick McKee

And congratulation to everyone who participated. We had some brilliant entries, and we’d love to see them up on Figment!

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    • Hi Fiona

      I just added it so give it a couple of minutes to show up. My computer is a bit slow, so there may be a delay.

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