Spring: New Flowers, New Beginnings, New CHANGES to Figment!

How many of our spiffy new additions can you spot?

12 thoughts on “Spring: New Flowers, New Beginnings, New CHANGES to Figment!

  1. There’s a new addition to the Home page which, when I last checked, starred books which were relevent to doppelgangers, clones; etc. Also, there is a comment wall thing on everyone’s page.

  2. First of all, I heart talk to me… second. Is the thingy were you can see people’s facebook profiles new? (on the home page)

  3. @Dawn–I think you have to be logged in to see the new stuff if you aren’t. Didn’t see anything when I was looking on an iPad until I logged in after switching to full site.

    And I must say, it is gorgeous. Pronounced with my lovely fake Southern twang only utilised in situations such as this.

    • Hi SM

      Just go to your profile and scroll all the way to the bottom. It will be in the same location on other profiles.

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