Winner of the Sci-Fi Contest-

Paolo Bacigalupi has chosen a winner! Out of all of the very worthy finalists, he found the one entry that rose above. Congrats to Perfection’s Flaws by Charlotte Hennessey!

As a runner-up, Paolo chose Windsong by deepshikha! He also really enjoyed and wanted to commend Oblivion by Kristin Yuki.

Congrats to all of our phenomenal finalists!
Perfection by Roberta Shapiro
The Improvements by Rose99
Perfect Monster by Alex C.
Chocolate Trees and What Not by Priyanka
The Bottom of the Pool by Rosetta Simon
Birthday Bride by Tristan
The Perfect Cell by Jake Ratcliff
Cityscape by Kristin

Thanks to everyone who entered! You guys came up with some crazy-creative and absolutely stunning responses.

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