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Every week, Figment features a blog that we think is all kinds of wonderful. This week, we’re featuring Sarah and the team at Forever Young Adult!

Forever Young Adult is way more than simply book reviews. Run by a group of five women, the site offers everything from quizzes about what your Hunger Games name would be to movie reviews (Prom, anyone?) and rants about embarrassing book covers.

Figment asked Sarah: it’s fair to say that FYA is a group affair. How did you first meet the members of your martini-swilling, book-loving blog posse, and how was the team formed?

FYA is most definitely a team effort, and when I started the site, I knew I wanted it to be a community of writers. First, because reviewing more than one book a week is WAY too much work. Second, because it’s totally more fun to have a group of kindred spirits I can geek out with about our favorite books. I met all of the FYAers in really different ways, but we all share a common love for YA and cocktails (duh).

I met Meghan first, back in college at Rice, but I didn’t know her really well. Years later, I was talking about the not-quite-published site with a mutual friend, who told me that Meghan dug YA and showed me her super crafty blog. In 2005, when I met Erin, she was wearing fairy wings. To be fair, it was a Halloween party, but if you know me, you know I hate all things fae. It speaks to Erin’s dynamic personality and incredible sense of humor that I decided we should be friends anyway. I met Jenny a few years ago in Boston, where she lived, because our significant others both worked in the movie theater industry. She was already a huge Harry Potter fan and was speeding through Twilight, and I was like, girl, there are SO MANY better books out there. I haven’t actually met Megan, our newest blogger, in person, but she was a frequent commenter, and everything she wrote totally cracked me up. Plus I have to love someone who abuses Kanye Caps almost as much as I do.

Even though only two of us live in the same city, we have a blast working together and sending dozens of emails each day on our party line. It’s great to write with people who understand the importance of things like Hunger Games casting and the latest Meg Cabot. Four of us will be together at the Book Expo in a few weeks, and I have the feeling that our hotel room is going to be a 24 hour spazzfest.

We love FYA’s hilarious, irreverent tone, and its slightly more adult perspective on YA and pop culture. Your blog certainly goes beyond book reviews — tell us about some of your favorite or most popular columns and features.

Erin’s drinking game analysis of Sweet Valley High and the Flowers in the Attic books definitely rule the school. She manages to reveal how truly terrible these books are while somehow celebrating them with her incredibly snarky sense of humor. These entries are hands down the funniest posts on our site.

In general, our drinking game posts are my favorite, and not just because I love any excuse to drink cocktails. Drinking allows us to secretly enjoy bad movies like New Moon (JORTS!) and revisit our childhood favorites like Anne of Green Gables. Because alcohol makes everything better! Yay!

I also love our Between Two Lockers interview series, when we really get to know some of our favorite authors. Rather than ask the standard “What inspired you blah blah” type of questions, we get to ask them about stuff we REALLY want to know, like their favorite karaoke song and who their freebie is. It’s almost as good as hanging out with them at a slumber party (we even play MASH).

You point out that nowadays the truism “never judge a book by its cover” is no longer valid. What are some book cover tropes you’d like to wipe out forever?

OH LORD DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED. I mean, I will answer this question, but I could go ON AND ON. Book covers are probably the greatest threat to YAngelism, because how can you feel proud of reading a book when the front of it features an angsty, tilted girl’s face or a pastel tableau straight out of the Oxygen Channel? Here’s a quick list of cover designs that should be wiped from existence:

1. Angsty, tilted faces
2. Twilight wannabes
3. Headless girl models
4. Emo gothness
5. PDA

If you want to read my previous rant about this pressing issue, go here.

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