Introducing the Figment Portfolio Project

The amount of writing created by any student in a school year can be astounding—pages of essays, poems, proofs, short stories, journal entries. Just looking at this output, as a number of files on a computer or printed pages, is staggering. But when you dig deeper, and really examine that body of work, it tells a story—the story of your growth as a writer over the course of a year.

The end of the school year is a time for students and teachers to reflect on all their work, to evaluate their writing, and to think about what changes they’d like to make in their work in the future.

As a journalist, I regularly look back at my writing to examine patterns and to look for places where I’d like to improve. And as a teacher of writers at the middle and high school levels, I’ve encouraged my students to do the same. I refer to this annual process of reflection as a “portfolio project,” and I’ve found that not only does it inspire pride in my students as they take in just how much they’ve accomplished, but it also allows them to practice their skills of reflection and self-monitoring, both keys to becoming a better writer. It’s then pretty inspiring to share those selections as a class, so that we can all see how far we’ve come together.

As this school year draws to a close, we’d like to invite you (or if you’re a teacher, you and your students) to use Figment for your own virtual portfolio project.

Select a piece of work from this school year that you are the most proud of and then upload it to the site. In addition to other tags, make sure you tag the pieces “Portfolio Project.” If you like, you can use the “Description” field to explain why you’ve chosen this piece. Why does it represent your best work?

As much as this process is about looking at your own work, it’s also about sharing it with an enthusiastic audience of readers, which is why we’re excited about bringing this project to Figment. This first “semester” of Figment has been pretty awesome, and we can’t wait to see the work that you’re the most proud of.

–Katie Robbins

Figment, Director of Educational Programming

8 thoughts on “Introducing the Figment Portfolio Project

  1. OMG! we did these in ATYP (academically talented youth program)!!!!! We put all our works for the year in it then revisions of most of them and we’d be graded on just doing them cus they were helpful! it was hard work but it was REALLLLLLLY helpful!

  2. I can’t wait! I have loads of cool writing. I’m debating between a couple of things….. can we upload more than one?

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