Who is your literary crush?

It is spring, and love is in the air. Or lurking ominously around the corner, waiting to pounce. In honor of Truth & Dare, a darkly romantic anthology of which you can read two full stories: Iris and Jim by Sherry Shahan and Abstinence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder by Jennifer Knight, we’re holding a poll about what makes your heart flutter.

Today’s question is…




8 thoughts on “Who is your literary crush?

    • We definitely didn’t leave him out on purpose, if THAT’S what you’re asking. 😛 We thought including Edward but not Jacob might incite a riot.

  1. I don’t know. I’m embarrassed to admit, but for a while it was Malfoy from Harry Potter… o____e’ Now it’s probably nobody. I spend too much time giving my own characters crushes to have a literary crush, because for some reason I’m having a hard time keeping that out of my stuff!

  2. Uh… none of them I would pick.
    I would pick guys like Edmund Pevensie (Narnia), Luke Castellan (percy jackson), Ron Weasley (HP), Draco Malfoy (HP), Gally (Maze runner), Slightly (Peter Pan), Legolas (LOTR), Biff Loman (Death of a Salesman)… soo… yeah those are guys who I would be more inclined to pick.

    Never heard of the Howl person from the Howl book. Never heard of it all.

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