Finalists for Runaway Contest

The finalists for the Runaway contest have been announced! Your challenge was to write a story or poem in no more than 1000 words that focused on a character that runs away from something.

The top 11 entries (listed below, in no particular order) will be sent to Micol Ostow (author of family) for final judging. Congratulations, guys!

Maybe… by Holly Blackwood
Hatred by Elizabeth Diedrick
The Demons by McPiggles
Runaway With Me Butterfly by Hotaru?!
The Hunter and His Prey by Miss C.
Lost and found by Mimi the Mouse
Leaving Janine by Canyon the Lizard
Heal Be There by Charlotte Hennessey
Run Away Home by Ana Curtis
Reminiscent wounds by Tom “NA” Stack
For Freedom. by Talia Cohen

26 thoughts on “Finalists for Runaway Contest

  1. Tell me who the winners are! Please! I was so glad when I found out that I was a finalist, but now I want to know who won!!!!!

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