The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan

The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan from The Figment ReviewFrankie Diederich

Warning: Major The Red Pyramid spoilers

When I first picked up The Throne of Fire, I couldn’t wait a second to open the cover and begin reading. The author of my second favorite series, Rick Riordan, had been described as writing the “the next Harry Potter” (my favorite). How could I not be excited?

But then, as I said, I opened the cover. The book immediately jumps into action, which normally can be a great thing, but in this case left me simply confused. Sadie and Carter seem wiser, stronger, and more mature since their last adventure, about half a year ago. Suddenly, a dozen or so new characters are living in the Brooklyn house, learning how to use Egyptian magic from the siblings.

And now they’re all fighting, and Sadie and Carter seem so different, and I really don’t care what happens to the newbies, considering I don’t even know them, and I just want to scream, “What?!” The first one hundred pages or so disappointed me – everything is different and there is no explanation.

But fear not, Rick Riordan fans, for it does get better. Sadie and Carter have yet another mission to save the world by finding, awakening, and bringing back the missing sun god, Ra, to become the master god again before Chaos the snake can take over. And this time, they don’t have gods in their heads. Sadie and Carter fight epic battles at every turn, learn more about Egyptian mythology than they ever wanted to know, and just generally act like the awesome brother-sister team we all love.

And if saving the world isn’t enough, Sadie finds herself stuck in a confusing and quite unique love triangle while Carter must locate the girls he loves – one who might not even know who he is.

So, in less than a week of storytelling, Sadie and Carter (with a little help from Rick Riordan to write out the transcript) make me fall in love with them all over again. One thing is for sure: I will be buying the final installment of The Kane Chronicles the second I can.

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