Announcing Finalists for the Backwards Contest *UPDATED*

The Backwards Contest is over, and below are listed the top 15 finalists. Your challenge: “In 1000 words or less, create a short story or poem that focuses on a romantic relationship and goes backwards chronologically.” We know it was a little challenging, but you all did an amazing job. The contest was inspired by Truth & Dare, excerpts of which can be read here and here.

Kissing Death by Aea V-vW
It Started With a Smile by Bridget Cunningham
Little Glass Jar by Ꭶl༨У ᎠOVE
Surprise Me by Emily W
Backwards by Kasey Felix
Fire & Ice by Amy Rose Thomas
The Spring Behind Fall by Charlotte Hennessey
Forever and Always by Amara T
A Dyslexic Love Poem by Joshua “LF” Mitchell
Fatal Attraction by Angela C
Pomegranate Blossoms by C.A. Hamilton
Just Say It by A.S.M. Michellins
This Never Happened by Sean Reichard
A Smile I Once Saw by Lucy Skyler
Something Old, Something New by Carys Goodwin

14 thoughts on “Announcing Finalists for the Backwards Contest *UPDATED*

  1. Okay. I have complaints.

    First, I looked at the top hearted stories tagged “backwardscontest” and there were stories with a tie in hearts, meaning that there should be thirteen finalists and not ten.

    Second, by deleting so many users yesterday you removed a lot of hearts from a lot of entries. Last night I was the ninth most hearted. Today, I’m the twelfth. I realise this comment probably means nothing but there is a certain amount of injustice here that I have to point out.

    • Hi Aea

      We completely understand your frustration and sincerely apologize for this. When deleting the underage profiles, we did not foresee the effect it would have on the actual contests. Because of this, we have decided to include the top 15 finalists, which would include your entry. The post should be completely updated within the next 10 minutes. Feel free to email me at if you have any other questions or concerns.

      • Thank you very much. I’m sorry for having been so angry in the last post, I’d just woken up 😛

        I understand how you hadn’t seen the effect it would have, it’s human.

        Thanks again.

        • Please search in the General/Random forum for Jacob Lewis, Figment’s CEO’s, response (called “A Note from Figment”). That should clarify things!

  2. Ahh, I haven’t visited Figment in a while and missed this contest – I’m so disappointed about that, because this seems like such a creative idea and I can’t wait to read the final entries to see what people have come up with. Good luck to everyone! 🙂

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