Writers, here’s a kick in the pants

Jackson Pearce, author of Sisters Red (a modern retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, click here for an excerpt on Figment) is a talented young woman. Aside from her writing chops, Jackson is also a prolific Youtuber.

We’ll be posting some of our favorite videos from her Youtube channel this week. Today’s edition: some helpful tough love for those who need a kick in the pants when it comes to writing their novel.

For more Jackson Pearce, check out her Youtube channel.

6 thoughts on “Writers, here’s a kick in the pants

  1. Now that wasn’t so bad… *sniff sniff* What? No, of course I’m not crying. That’s just… uh, a sparkle. Right, yea, a sparkle. I was wearing glitter eyeshadow last night when I wasn’t writing my book. That’s all.

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