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42 thoughts on “The Justine Magazine Contest Entries

  1. it’s not opening the page for the ‘Click here to enter the contest’ link…I don’t know the word limit, how to tag it, or details. Help?

  2. For longer works, is a modern take on the full story necessary, or can it be a take/rewrite of a major theme?

  3. When it says a “modernization” does that mean we’re allowed to go futuristic too, or does it really just want the current time period.

  4. Do you think that maybe you could give me a little list of classics, so that I could know what will NOT be acceptable?

    • Hey Eddy-

      The entries may not have been created on Figment before the announcement of the contest or they will be ineligible to win.

  5. Just posted my story! It’s called Simply Elle, and it’s a really different take on Cinderella! Check it out!

  6. Hey! I entered my story in the contest about a day ago and I got a notification saying that it had been entered correctly, but it hasn’t shown up in the entries. Did I do something wrong?

  7. Hey! So this is my first time with a contest, and I’m not entirely sure if I did it right. How do you know it’s been entered if you didn’t see the notification?

    • As long as the story is published (not saved as a draft), was created on Figment after the announcement of the contest, and is tagged correctly, you’re entered!

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