Winner of the Backwards Contest

Jennifer Knight, author of Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, has chosen a WINNER for the Backwards Contest! The winner is Fire & Ice by Amy Rose Thomas!

Of “Fire & Ice,” Jennifer said: “…An excellently written and flawlessly portrayed romance-in-reverse. It’s a well-used story idea, the love that grows old, but the way you tell it brings fresh life and oodles of reader-interest…Like any good short story, I want to read more and learn more about the characters. I love your creative language as well; it really adds color to the story.”

She also chose Fatal Attraction by Angela C as the runner up: “This story literally made my heart ache!…The authenticity of Taylor’s voice is so genuine, and so completely real I feel as though an actual teenage girl has died. It’s really left me upset! (but in a good way). I adore the fact that this is told from Andrew’s point of view, and that we get to see his tragic story as well as Taylor’s.”

Congratulations Amy and Angela!

10 thoughts on “Winner of the Backwards Contest

  1. Thanks so much for hosting this contest, Figment! I really enjoyed the challenge. And I’m so excited to have won!! Thanks to Jennifer for judging and to everyone who hearted my story so that I could become a finalist. You guys rock! 😀

  2. Naturally, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t win but it was fun entering. I really wanted that monster coin purse.

    Congrats to Amy Rose and Angela!

  3. @Aea: i really want that monster coin purse. i thought it was the awesomest thing ever. like you guys have no idea how much i love it 🙂

  4. Wow. I expected someone else to win. Sorry, I don’t mean someone else like anyone else, there was just one entry that made the finalists that I expected to win, so I was surprised. Anyways, congratulations! I read your entry!

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