The London You Wish You Could Visit

by Lindsay

Ah, London. ¬†When I visit, there are plenty of places I’ll be sure to stop: Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and other uber-touristy spots, for example. But there are also places I really want to go but CAN’T, like these (awesome) fictional London locales:

The Ministry of Magic

Whenever you spot a red telephone booth, a dingy bar, or some public toilets, be sure to step inside — just to check if you’ve found the entrance to Harry Potter’s wizarding goverment, The Ministry of Magic. The worst that could happen: You have to pretend to make a phone call, you get weirded out by seedy London bar-ness, or you get your feet wet when trying to stand in the toilet bowl? Not too bad, all in all.

Mary Poppins’ Animated Carousel Land

Remember that scene in Mary Poppins where Burt draws a scene in chalk on the sidewalk and Mary, Burt, and the kids jump into it? Next time you’re in London, be sure to bring sidewalk chalk. You see, the sidewalks of London are MAGIC and CONTAIN INFINITE SPACE and such. Bring back a little lambie if you can.

Ruby Red – Gwenyth’s London

When you visit London, wouldn’t it be cool not only to visit modern London, but London in any time period? In Ruby Red, Gwenyth is a time traveler that can be unexpectedly transported to different time periods. It can be kind of annoying when you don’t know when you’re going, but it’s also awesome: Gwenyth sees London in 1912 (possibly hitching a ride on the Titanic, making sure to get off before it crashes), and 1782 (bad stuff happens to her, but hey — the backdrop is awesome).

London Below

“London Below” is the darkly magical underbelly of London in Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere (the show, comic book, and novel). Love the idea of a second “shadow” London, even if visiting it means you won’t be visible to anyone from “London Above” anymore, you lose all track of time and distance, and there are dangerous beasts and semi-people. What I’m trying to say is: bring your AK47 and a flashlight.

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