Snap a Pic!

We want YOU! To print out this Figment mask and send us a picture of yourself wearing it. Where, you may ask, is it appropriate to wear the mask? You can wear it: on a train, in the rain, in a box, with a fox, etc. Email your photos to admin at with the subject line Figment Mask. We’ll post the photos we get on our Facebook page so people can fully understand how insane figmenters truly are.


And here is your mask! Just print it out, and you’re on your way! If you need any help with this process, feel free to email me at esteele at

Good luck, Figmenters. The WORLD is depending on YOU.


35 thoughts on “Snap a Pic!

  1. Oh no. The world depends on *us*? This could go very well or very badly. Either way, it’s a good thing we have the masks to conceal our true identities…

  2. I am SO doing this with my sisters. Though, the idea of letting the world know how insane we really are… already accomplished. 🙂 How can I print out the mask?

    • Hey Karsyn-
      There is a link to a pdf in the post, right under the photographs of the instructions. Once you click the link, the option to print is then in the upperish left corner. Alternately, you could email me at esteele at and I could send you the file.
      Let me know!


    But my printer only prints in black and white 🙁

    • You can draw your own! We’ve had some people with printer issues just crayon their own masks. Either way you should totally do it. FIGMISSION.

  4. Do we send the picture as an attachment or in the body?
    because it doesn’t let me send mine in the body…

  5. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of me wearing one (yet), but I have a totally sweet shot of my cat…

  6. SO do we also get paid? Just kidding, but I do have a feeling that printing that will take a great amount of ink….

  7. This looks like it should be fun. Not to mention hilarious! I just hope I can get someone to take the actual picture…

  8. I will complete the Figmission… but only once I’ve:

    a.) finished the 1200 word history project that’s due tomorrow (and no, I haven’t begun yet.)

    b.) figured out an awesome place to wear it 😀

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