Figment gets animated!

The Fig staff put together this fun stop-motion video that explains a little bit about Figment. We hope you enjoy it!

Also, in case you’ve always wanted to tell your friends about Figment, we hope you share this video with them; it clearly demonstrates how dedicated we are to designing strange, purple hybrid-beasts and making our logo explode, which of course will make them join Figment too.

Many thanks to the wonderful graphic artist Laurie Sandell, colorist Antrese Wood, editor Meagan Steinkamp, and voice artist Emily Steele for doing such a lovely job! (I just moved little pieces around millimeter by millimeter – clearly the most important & sophisticated job of the bunch ^_~).

15 thoughts on “Figment gets animated!

  1. “This Is a story of love and heartbreak. Hope, desire, plastic surgery, dragons, poop, Dracula, and brilliance. This is a completely serious piece of literary brilliance. One must not giggle whilist drinking up this legendary epicness. If you don’t like this, well it means you hate Shakespeare, because he entered my sould and wrote this. I am Shakespeare. I Ruleeeeee, BRILLIANT.”

    Okay, now I REALLY want to read it!

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