English Major Song Titles

With this tweet, hilarious mash-ups of pop-songs and classic literature, #englishmajorsongtitles, began. We compiled some of our favorites in an easy to  chew format:

@AmyjoJackson: “Hey, Jude the Obscure”
@smudgenancy: “The Portrait of a Dude Looks Like a Lady”
@stringsandbows: “Little American Women”
@MonicaCMiller: “I wanna hold your handmaid’s tale”
@madbeyond: “Bleak House of the Rising Sun”
@BendProf: “I Say a Little Prayer for Owen Meany”
@AustinAni: “Marlowe, Is It Me You’re Looking For?”
@hlwarn: “The Oliver Twist and Shout.”

And, of course, Figment got into the action:
Mod Shannon (@shanmeow): “Don’t tell my heart…my Tell-tale Heart!!”
@FigmentFiction: “Dust in the Wind in the Willows”

You can read more of these titles by using the hashtag #englishmajorsongtitles on Twitter!

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