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We asked Figmenters on Facebook to finish this scene, prompted by Darren Shan’s THE CITY series, which you can read part of on Figment, here:

His shoes were soaked by the foul-smelling liquid that lingers in big cities after rain storms. He heard footsteps running in the distance, but then again everyone in this city was running from something. He turned the corner and bumped into someone. He almost apologized, but then he saw who it was, and she was reaching for her pocket.

VL Sheridan: ‎”Take this, but if anyone asks, you didn’t get it from me. I’ll deny everything if they find out.”

Suzannah Likes-pie Connel: My moment of dramatic spy movie-esque, third person commentary ended. She handed me my homework and a salami sandwich, kissed my cheek and walked away. I rolled my eyes and continued on to school, as I silently wished for my own car and a pair of galoshes….. 😀

Rian Nguy: And before he could even think of jumping aside she was on him, the knife in her hands flashing in the sparse streetlight as it comes to a quivering stop inches from his neck. “Give her… back!” she pants wildly, a truly frightening sight with waterlogged hair wind-whipped about her face and the barest bit of glimmering eyes wide beyond the mess. He struggles to get out from under her, but a surprising strength pins him against the soaked sidewalk. “What are you talking about?” he quails, panicking. “Emily, please, calm down. Did you forget your medicine today?”

“Shut up!” she screams. “No more drugs! I want her back! Where did you put her?”

“Emily,” he starts, trying to put calm into his voice as he reaches into his pockets for his phone, slowly dialing three numbers and letting it silently connect. “Your daughter… you never had one, remember?”

Kat Stowe-Thurston: This was the moment of his worst nightmares. “Jess… please, think before you act!” He cautiously reached out for her arm as a haunted smile danced across her features. The footsteps he had heard were drowned out by the beating of his heart. “Jess…” he could she her hand close around something and looked around frantically, trying not to let her see him sweat.

His fingers closed around her arm and he could feel the muscles tightening in her arm. He was surprised by that- when they had parted ways she was still fragile. “Jess, it’s been a while.” He tried to put her at ease, relax his voice and sound warm. The feeling of her other hand closing around his neck proved that he had failed miserably. “Jess!” he choked out, and the eerie smile returned to her face. “I miss you, John.” She ripped her arm out of his grip and buried the sharp object in his stomach, leaving him in the oily puddle by the gutter.

She walked away, her vicious heels clicking on the pavement. Exactly 25 steps and she paused to listen to the sweet sound of explosion, *her* explosion. “Goodbye, John.” She blinked and the look of instability that had been laying dormant in her eyes was gone. Jessica had been nothing if not a good actor. The sirens were coming closer, and she ducked into an apartment, finally resting now that her work was done.

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