What’s your weird superpower?

UPDATE: Entries are now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered, and congrats to the winners!

Christina Thurrow
Josh Brooks
Sara Bellig
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Barry Lyga, author of The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, Archvillain, and other awesomely comicnerdtastic books, is joining Figment for a contest! He’s going to give away 10 copies of Goth Girl Rising, which is a book about a girl who shoots lighting from her lipstick. Yeah, issccool.

Watch the short video of Barry below, and then (by the end of the day) either:

1) Answer his question in comments on this post
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33 thoughts on “What’s your weird superpower?

  1. My wierd super power would be:
    The ability to Envision my thoughts into print format!
    What do I mean? I mean, when I’m writing in my mind, my book would instantly appear on my WriteWayPro software, completely written.
    Ah, to have such a gift. My hands would not be so cramped or numb in the evenings, and I’d get a heck of lot more done!
    Hope I win: Goth Girl Rising:)

  2. My weird superpower is finding a voice for my main character as soon as he or she has been created. If I could choose a weird superpower, however, it would be the ability to get over writer’s block with the snap of my fingers.

  3. My weird super power would be to have suction-cup feet and hands. That way, I could climb trees, mountains, cliff faces, and city rooftops with ease and not be afraid of falling. It’d be so cool to just walk on the rooves of Paris, or walk vertically down the Grand Canyon…

  4. My weird super power would be to turn everything within 50 feet of me pink. Cars, the sidewalk, you, everything. As I walked around, a wave of pink would roll before me. And pink’s not even my favorite color.

  5. My weird superpower would to to float one inch off the ground at all times even when sleeping so that I would never trip on banana peels or other stray objects ever again.

  6. My weird superpower would be a warm tingling sensation when someone is stealing my food out of the refrigerator, so I can rush downstairs, catch them in the act, and make them pay me for it.

  7. This is easy. I’d have a super-power green thumb! Be able to heal and speed-grow plants & vegetation with the tap of a toe!

  8. My super power would be the ability to turn into what ever mythical creature I could dream up… That way if I felt like flying I could become an angel, when I want to swim become a mermaid… who knows I could even become a vampire for when I want to sparkle in the sun!

  9. OH, yeah, I love super-powers!

    Mine would be: Super-Sleep! The ability to sleep and not wake up tired!

    As you can probably tell, I am NOT a morning person.

  10. My… unorthodox (see how I didn’t use “weird”)would be to always be different… oh wait I’ve already done that!

  11. My weird super power would be to close my eyes, imagine anything and open my eyes to find the said item in my hand. That would save a lot of money on gas.

    I would tweet this, but sadly I haven’t an account.

  12. You know how you eat lunch at School and everything tastes like dressed up rubber?
    Well, my weird super power would be *drum roll* the ability to make school lunch/prison food/terrible institutional crap taste like a delicious home cooked meal!
    Yes, I know it sounds impossible.
    All I have to do is stare at the unidentifiable lunch meat, barely soup or soggy pizza until it becomes something tasty! That means the lunch meat turns into rare steak, the soup is spiced to perfection and the pizza gets hot and covered with fresh pepperoni!

  13. If I could choose to have a superpower, it would be one to help people. I would find out their greatest hopes and dreams, and help them achieve what they want to (if it doesn’t hurt others). I know from experience that many things in life are extremely disappointing, and I know that, sometimes, I want to cry myself to sleep because something didn’t happen. I don’t want others to suffer through this. I know it’s not very original, but it’s what I feel, right now, would be the best for others.

    • Ding Ding Ding! You’ve won! Email esteele at figment.com your name and address to receive your copy of Goth Girl Rising.

  14. My weird superpower would be to be able to touch paintings and books which in turn gives me the ability to hear their voices. (If i’m lucky and on the verge of sleep, i’ll dream that i’m there)

  15. I would like to be able to touch something(like a chair for instance) and be able to see everyone and everything that’s touched (or sat in)it recently. Maybe I’d think twice before I touched certain things (and start carrying arround a gallon of hand sanitizer). Plus it would be a cool security system for my stuff.

  16. My weird superpower would be to control electricity and lightning, for a few reasons:
    – I could zap people who annoy m
    – I could control at least part of the weather
    – I could set stuff on fire
    – I could float on electric fields
    – I could create EMPs
    – This is usually a villain power, so I could prove that it could do good too.
    – I could cook food.
    – I could monitor other’s brain waves (because brains pretty much run on electric impulses) and sense people like sharks do

  17. My weird super power would be the ability to know if someone was bad or good on sight. It would be like a thumbs up or a thumbs down floating on the person’s head! Weird, but definitely helpful for a superhero like myself! 🙂

  18. My weird superpower would be the ability to find the most perfect, loving, forever homes for all orphaned kids and animals. I guess I’d be sort of a fairy godmother type for the orphans and their new families.

  19. I would want the ability to understand minds and motivations – to literally walk in another person’s shoes. But I don’t want to become that person. It would be like I observe the mind and why the person does what he or she does. That way I could understand why that person made certain decisions. I could answer the most important question: why? Misunderstandings cause most of the problems in the world, so if people could actually observe another personality, those misunderstandings could be evaded.

  20. I know it’s over, but my power would’ve been that when I’m on Figment and when I finish a really great story, I could make it a movie by just blinking. Then, I’d watch it and be like- woah…great movie 🙂

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