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Awww, books! We love you too <3

Attention Figits! You might have guessed this, but our staff enjoys the occasional novel or twelve. And when we’re not discussing Super Serious Internet Business, we sometimes talk about what we’re reading and how we like it, and we remark that there are certain books we want to evangelize to the masses. Because we are all-powerful, we decided – so be it! We will recommend one book each week to you, our figling figgies. It’ll be a book someone in the office is reading and enjoying. We’ll write about why we love it and why you should too. Basically, we’re dropping some wisdom over here. You’re welcome.

My Mother She Killed Me My Father He Ate Me from Figment.comThis week we’re recommending: My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me: Forty New Fairy Tales edited by Kate Bernheimer. So many excellent authors live in this anthology! Neil Gaiman, Aimee Bender, and Joyce Carol Oates, among others, have re-imagined the brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson into¬† creepy, sinisterly awesome fairy tales with quotes like this one:

“Desiree the child bride, and her sister Miranda, had gone grave-robbing for a wedding gown.” (from The Mermaid in the Tree by Tim Schaffert).

In this particular tale, set in a seaport town in which mermaids are a normal beach wash up, Desiree’s husband-to-be falls in love with a nearly-dead mermaid. He struggles to save the mermaid in a series of dingy hotels and back-alley operating rooms, but they ultimately fall prey to the sick, twisted world they live in, and Desiree becomes unfortunate collateral damage. It’s totally haunting. If you enjoy magical realism, we feel like this anthology nails it. Now, GO FORTH AND READ, FIGMANIACS.

You will like this if you:

  • Watch Disney movies, ironically
  • Enjoy corrupting your childhood
  • Want to read yet another short story by Neil Gaiman

You will not like this if you:

  • Are offended by cannibalism

3 thoughts on “Recommended Book of the Week

  1. Yes I do want to read another short story by Neil Gaiman. I always want to read another short story by Neil Gaiman. There is never a time when I don’t want to read another short story by Neil Gaiman.

    Expect to see me in the bookstore down the street in… three hours, give or take?

    But I’m broke and no one wants to drive me to the bookstore…time for strategic flattery and begging, methinks…

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