A Long, Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan

A Long, Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan from The Figment Reviewby Danielle Reid

Rose Fitzroy has not opened her eyes in sixty-two years. After several decades of being in a futuristic device called a stass tube that leaves the occupant unconscious, Rose wakes to a world so much unlike the one she knew. Her family and those she loves have long passed on, and the other children are not accepting of this strange girl who doesn’t understand their modern slang and behavior. To top it all off, her parents ran a massive corporation that owned….basically everything, and when the current president of the company realizes the actual heir is actually alive and well he’s a bit irritated, to say the least. Dangerously so.

I had ambivalent feelings about A Long, Long Sleep. Rose Fitzroy is a weak female character with questionable self-esteem. Oh, and she’s not very intelligent. There were a couple parts where I just shook my head and thought, “Is this girl being serious right now? No one is really that stupid.” If you prefer headstrong females that take the initiative and act with intelligence, you’ll probably find yourself getting annoyed with her petty behavior and inferiority complex. Much of the book reflects on Rose’s life before her sixty-two year sleep, allowing readers to examine her relationships with her parents and friends. In Rose’s defense, her lack of a backbone may have stemmed from the parenting style of two highly disturbed individuals. This was my main qualm with the novel, but it’s written very well, especially the dialogue. Anna Sheehan has a graceful and commendable writing style.

She makes good use of her skills to develop a romantic relationship between Rose and another unlikely character. It is honestly the cutest thing, and I couldn’t help but make a few verbal, “Awwwwwwwws”. I was enthralled by the subtle romance and really wanted to see where it ended up. Admittedly, I was very tempted to cheat and read the last few pages of the book, but I didn’t. I was strong! Sheehan’s is a unique approach to building a relationship between characters that I’ve never seen before, but it works well. My only issue with the relationship is that I thought it progressed a little too fast.

A Long, Long Sleep combines action, romance, and science fiction to create a wonderful novel with an unpredictable, OMG ending. Note that the book is classified as science fiction, but I don’t believe it would appeal to the average sci-fi lover. I give this book three stars because I had to read it twice to appreciate and enjoy it, but once I properly understood the plot, I couldn’t put it down.


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