Happy Birthday to Books! 6/20 through 6/26

There’s a book born every minute! We get super excited about book birthdays at Figment and we love to share the buzz. Below are the five infant books hitting shelves this week that we’re most looking forward to reading, raising, and giving a place on the family shelf:


Dead Rules by Randy Russell from Figment.com

Dead Rules by Randy Russell (6/21/11)

Jana dies in a bowling accident and travels to the afterlife, but her boyfriend is left among the living. Jana’s willing to do anything to have him back – does that mean what I think it means? No way could this be bad if Jana spends the book on a boyfriend assassination mission.




A Need So Beautiful by Suzanne Young (6/21/11)

This is a modern take on angels – Charlotte does good deeds involuntarily due to an uncontrollable urge to help people. I know she’s paying it forward against her will, but this one still leaves me feeling kinda warm and fuzzy.



Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey from Figment.comHaunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey (6/21/11)

I love Victorian Gothic, and I love ghosts that have drowned, (Weirdly specific? Don’t judge me) so I’ll definitely be checking this one out.




Uncommon Criminals Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter from Figment.com by Ally Carter (6/21/11)

I have a feeling I’m going to get tired of the unrealistic paranormal story lines this summer, in which case I might turn to this ever-so-slightly more realistic story line about a modern-day Robin Hood who enjoys the occasional jewel heist. What? That could happen.



Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz from Figment.comWitches of East End by Melissa De La Cruz (6/21/11)

Ahhhh I love witches so much! And I also love the Hamptons and beaches in the off-season when everything’s all foggy, so I think this might just be ideal for me. Perfect if you’re a fan of de la Cruz’s series Blue Bloods.


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