I’ll bake you pies! HUNGER GAMES music video.

This is an actual clip from The Hunger Games musical. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. Why are you looking at me like I’m lying? I’m no–

Yes. Yes, I am lying. But it is only because this video is SO GOOD. If you haven’t seen this Hunger Games remix of Britney Spears’ song “I Wanna Go”, stop everything and watch it. I mean, Peeta is carrying baked goods in almost every shot.

*Hums to self* I-I-I wanna ta-a-ake you aw-a-a-ay, take you from the Hunger Games.

45 thoughts on “I’ll bake you pies! HUNGER GAMES music video.

  1. OMG!! Adding it to my playlist on my IPOd Touch right now!! Thanks for putting it up guys!
    TEAM GALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh My God!!! THIS IS SO COOL!!
      TEAM PEETA ALL THE WAY (across the sky)… the cake looked really good!! Katniss, can you spare a piece for a girl that has way more than you? just kidding!! who can wait until the MOVIE?! i for one can’t!!

      love ya’!

      Forever Reading,
      Peeta’s Confession

    • NOOOOO TEAM PEETA FOR SHOY!!!! WHOOO! Yes Peeta’s Confession, ALL THE WAY (across the sky) lol 🙂 i think the girl who played Katniss is REALLY pretty. and the guys were pretty hot lol, but no one really depicted the characters, looks-wise, the best. but it was funny! for everyone who enjoyed the comedy of this (loved it when Katniss stuffs the stuffed squirrel in her mouth!), you should REALLY read, The Food Games by Miserable Existence. its really good and funny!!!!!!!!!

  2. I feel like they’re making fun of Katniss. And Peeta. And because I love them both, this is not acceptable 😮


    • ok well this is just for fun. this is explaining what they both felt towards kat. and, if you think about it, it’s pretty accurate. gale wants to fight, peeta just wants peace. katniss would SO eat that cake. they’re just showing her eating a plant hungrily. well, wouldnt you?

      ERIN GO HUNGERGAMES!!! (irish for long live hungergames)

      Forever Reading,
      Peeta’s Confession

  3. Haha i just watched this this morning. The guy who is peeta his name is Luke Conard. I’m subscribed to him on youtube so I saw this video earlier.

  4. TEAM PEETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I do kind of feel like they’re making fun of Peeta, but I still liked it and it is GOING on my iPod RIGHT. NOW. Oh, and PEETA ALL THE WAY!!!!!! I <3 HIIIMMM!!!!!

  5. yeah! i have seen it before, it’s pretty awesome!
    it made me laugh a lot LOL
    and yes, i love that line too 😛
    “Such beautiful eyes” … “I’ll bake you pies”
    really LOL

    • ummm Peeta killed a lot of people too… Remember the girl who made the fire but Cato didn’t kill her? AND HE TRIED TO STRANGLE KATNISS

  6. Hahaha. I LOVE The Hunger Games and I laughed so much when this video first came out. I bought it straight away on iTunes 😉

  7. I love this video haha. The girl who plays Katniss is really perfect for the part, she’s exactly how I imagined Katniss while I was reading the book. (:

    Just a side note, I see a lot of Peeta vs. Gale debate here…I’ve managed to avoid that for the most part seeing as I ship Katniss/Johanna lol.

  8. I love this video…
    *while no one is looking kidnaps Gale and runs*

    TEAM GALE ISH MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Gale: Who the heck are you? Me: Your true love! Gale: =_O!*

  9. I love Joey, Luke, and Whitney. THEY MADE IT MAINSTREAM! Even MORE mainstream than ALL CAPS! xD

    I think everyone should subscribe to WinterSpringPro and lukeconard, since they both make amazing videos and you’ll thank me.

    They’re just, two guys?

  10. My favorite parts:
    “Gale, she’s the hottest girl…” (cuts to a picture of suddenly stuffing leaves in her mouth)

    “I just shot you a squirrel!” (Thumbs up from Gale)
    She looks at it, smiles, then shoves the stuffed squirrel in her mouth.

    And what was he doing with that bow (and no arrow)? He just keeps pulling at the string. But then again running around with baked goods is a little weird, too. He’s all like, “WAIT! I’m sure you’ll like me better if I run after you with this pie in my hand!!” and she’s like “FOOD!”. You’d think she’d be fat by the end of it all.

  11. i keep watching this over and over. it is completely amazing and it totally captures the essence of the characters. i keep singing this song! this girl named britney spears made a parody of this song….

    TEAM GALE until the end.

  12. Well last time I checked Peeta was trying to kill Katniss in the third book but Gale is also guilty beacuse he left Katniss because she did not kill him like he wanted her too so I’m on both sides Team Gale and team Peeta!!


    This reminds me that someone at a tubing park told me and my friend that we smell like Britney Spears perfume.

  14. TEAM GALE ALL THE WAY!!!!! HE IS SSSSOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOO PEETA!!!!! The person to my left can’t decide what team. (look at the comment above)

  15. I think gale is so hot, but peeta is so sweet. What team??????????????????? I ama Hunger Games fan in training. my BFF is training me. Almost done with the first book. NO ONE TELL ME HOW IT ENDS!

  16. Why is everyone saying Team Peeta??? Team GALE!!!

    (OR better yet…)

    TEAM FINNICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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