You wish you smelled like a JB girl

Justin Bieber fans, avert your eyes. I’m about to get snarky.

Reasons JB thinks you should by this perfume:

1. It will make you look like Generic Pouty-Lipped Hot Girl
2. Spraying it on your body feels like an awkward JB-from-behind neck-kiss
3. It has a cool charm on it
4. His website says, “Justin created SOMEDAY to give fans a personal invitation and intimate access to his heart.”
5. It makes you fly.



25 thoughts on “You wish you smelled like a JB girl

  1. Just wait till the Justin Bieber cologne.

    “A manly mixture of cupcakes, hairspray, and violets, this cologne is just what every woman thinks of when she hears Justin Bieber’s name.”

    And then will come the JB deodorant.

  2. Never let go?

    Never say never.

    Haha. In case you can’t tell, I’m not a Bieber-fan. And I frankly don’t understand people who are. Ugh. 😛

  3. …. BAHAHAHA
    I was the only who clicked I’m going to buy it!
    I would have clicked option E, I want to fly with the magic perfume, but it wasn’t there.

    • You’re not the only one 🙂
      I just hope JB doesn’t actually show up when I’m in my magic perfume induced flight

  4. haha. Next thing you know, Charlie Sheen will have a perfume line. Entitled “Tiger Blood”.

  5. I answered with “JB is hot” because I felt like the universe wanted me to. Even if I don’t believe it.

    Now, this video is going on my blog, facebook, and… no, there’s nothing else.

  6. This is hilarious. I clicked JB is hot just for the fun of it. I don’t think so, though. It was cheesiest thing ever. WTH is wrong with the world?

  7. Haaaaaa!:D:D:D
    Justin Beaver is SUCH a looser… he’s also sexist. He acts and talks like a girl being obssesed with him is only natural.
    He deeds to go away!:)

  8. Makes my eyes bleed isn’t quite right. More like “I think I just threw up a thousand times, am fully ashamed to be a teenage girl, and am now banging my head on the table because I cannot live with him.” That fits much better. I don’t get why people like him.

  9. Does anyone else find it weird that the girls in his videos always seem to be several years older than him?

  10. Bahahah. *snorts*
    yep. I definitely need to get some of that shizz. Sounds amazing. Doesn’t everyone want to smell like a teenage boy going through puberty?

  11. My sister and I saw this on television, stared for a minute, and then burst out laughing and fell onto the floor. We couldn’t believe its stupidity. No offense against Bieber or the perfume, but the commercial was ridiculous.
    First of all, it’s totally overdramatic. I mean, really? It’s Bieber perfume. 8-year-olds are going to buy it. You don’t have to make it seem all sexy and alluring. Second, it fails at being sexy and alluring.

    Third, why is Bieber floating around behind her? Does the scent of the perfume summon him? Is it for some Bieber-summoning ritual that only hardcore fans know about?

    Fourth, why doesn’t she freak out because Justin Bieber’s there? If she was enough of a fan to buy the perfume, you’d think she’d be excited he was there. Or, if she’s like me, she’ll scream and throw the bottle at him because he’s suddenly in her room. CREEPY.

    Oh, and now they’re flying because that makes sense. And her room has disappeared, too, that’s all fine and dandy, because this perfume clearly has hallucinogenic properties. Actually, that’s kinda cool.

    Finally, he looks twelve (as usual), but this girl is clearly 24! What up with that?

    So, on conclusion, if the perfume makes me fly, or gives some illusion of flight, I’m down with it. If only Bieber wasn’t part of the deal…

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