Finalists for Enemy Contest

Here are the top finalists for the Enemy Contest! These wonderful entries will be sent to TWO sets of esteemed judges: L.A. Weatherly (author of Angel Burn) who will choose the overall winner, and a panel of Fig judges, who will choose the runner up. Best of luck, figs!!

Cops and Robbers by SomedayAuthor
The Choice by Vivian Thai
The Siren by deepshikha the zombie
Temporary Solace by Tyler Dillon
Plunged by Ella B
Masquerade by Julia (cavyheart)
A Little Bit of Light by A. Lee-Reid
The Griffin’s Daughter by Alex C.
Hidden Personalities by Brandon Berman
Untold Horror by A
The War Begins by Samuel Whitaker

32 thoughts on “Finalists for Enemy Contest

  1. If you don’t want to say who the judges are here and now because finalists might bug them to choose their piece, then will you say who they are after the winners are announced?

    • Hi Rose

      Yes, to protect the integrity of the voting, the names of the judges will be kept private until a decision has been made.

  2. Why do I feel that you can never even have a chance to place in these contests unless you are famous on figment… >.<

    • I’m a finalist, and I’m not even close to famous!
      Trust me, as daunting as it seems, you just need to get out there and try it, you might be surprised.

    • Trust me, being famous on figment has nothing to do with it. It’s the number of swaps you do and how many people you reach out to.

      • I was a crazy lunatic with the swaps. Heck, every time I was on I was swapping. I got to read a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t have been able to normally.

  3. I absolutely loved Masquerade and Temporary Solace. I loved them all really, but they were my favourites 🙂 good luck guys! x

  4. @Deepshikha: Wait, do you mean swaps of your contest entry? Or just other pieces? Because I thought we weren’t aloud to promote our entries at all…

    • Well, if you do swaps and say to read anything, because a contest piece is newer, that is often something someone will click on. You get several reads even if you don’t specify what to read.

  5. Deepshika I admire u! U r an indian right?? Well i checked out your stories and found that you are a very awesome writer.

  6. So is there any idea at all on the time frame until the winner and runner-up are announced?
    Sorry but the suspense is killing me!

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