Reading Promise Contest Winners!

The Reading Promise author Alice Ozma has spoken! After reading your submissions about broken traditions, she has chosen three pieces. Ready?

1st place: The Writer’s Daughter by Emerson Rees

2nd place: The End of Harry Potter by Victoria

Honorable Mention: So Much More by kainaima (the first)

Congratulations, and well done everyone. Thanks for writing and voting!

5 thoughts on “Reading Promise Contest Winners!

  1. Wow, oh gosh, thanks a lot! I didn’t really know what the fuss was about until I saw some Figmenters congratulating me. Thanks guys. =)

  2. I just read the Writer’s Daughter (Emerson Rees published it on figment) and I was wondering why it wasn’t on past winners? I’m sure other people would love to read it, seeing as it was so good. 🙂

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