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Good morning, figgly-wigglies! Since you guys loved last week’s recommendation almost as much as Peeta Mellark loves baking cake salted with the tears of unrequited passion, we’re bringing you a second recommended book of the week. This week we’re recommending: Bumped by Megan McCafferty.



For Melody Mayflower, sixteen and pregnant isn’t a trashy reality show – it’s the best chance of survival for the human race. Since a virus has made the population infertile after the age of eighteen, teenagers now serve as society’s breeders, with the valuable ones striking lucrative contracts for their “bumping” services. Melody is set to bump with Jondoe, the hottest re-pro (reproductive professional, that is) on the planet, until a Parent Trap worthy moment has Melody’s identical twin sister, Harmony, taking her place. Melody and Harmony were separated at birth, with Melody adopted by two scheming economists who groomed her to be the perfect breeder, and Harmony brought into the fold of “Goodside,” an intense religious sect morally opposed to “pregging for profit.”

My favorite thing about Bumped is that the girls start out as simple portrayals of extreme viewpoints and develop into nuanced explorations of autonomy and reproductive independence – but Bumped isn’t heavy or preachy; it’s just good. And it’s especially creepy because you can recognize aspects of our own society while reading, and it makes you wonder if something like this could happen to us. To me, that’s the mark of good dystopian fiction.

“They predicted sixteen years ago, almost before anyone else, that girls like me – prettier, smarter, healthier – would be the world’s most invaluable resource. And like any rare commodity in an unregulated marketplace, prices for our services would skyrocket.”

You will like this if you:

  • Enjoy watching MTV’s Teen Mom, but wish the young couples were a little less abhorred by society
  • Have a master’s degree in advanced linguistics to puzzle through futuristic slang
  • Want to root for the short guy

You will not like this if you:

  • Find twin mix-ups unbearable

2 thoughts on “Recommended Book of the Week

  1. I somewhat agree with this. I think Bumped was written on a brilliant idea, but sometimes the heavy slang got tedious. I did enjoy this book, though. If you don’t like anything that could possibly make you uncomfortable, don’t read this. There are a lot of uncomfortable-making moments in this book. So yes, do read it. I enjoyed it greatly.

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