Authors, writers, editors, oh my!

You all follow your favorite Figment authors, and get updated on their work. One of the best parts about Figment is that there are so many fantastic writers here – and I’m really not just saying that. (Let’s admit it – writing on the internet is touch and go sometimes.)

We think that another thing that makes Figment really stand out is that our community also includes a whole bunch of award-winning, bestselling published authors. Like John M. Cusick (author of Girl Parts, a book about a cyborg girlfriend), who publishes original & exclusive stories on Figment. Or Patrick Ryan, who I video interviewed (it’s on his profile). The figmod crew is always going to book signings and author panels to meet these fantastic authors, in order to bring them closer to you.

Weird thing no one seems to know about authors: they love to hear from readers. So no, you’re not bothering them when you write on their Talk to Mes. Check out the Figment stuff they’ve done. Stalk them a bit. Be creepy!

Here’s just a fraction of the authors on Figment:

Gayle Forman
Barry Lyga
Alyson Noel
Courtney Sheinmel
Darren Shan
Natalie Standiford
Kami Garcia
Michael Northrop


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