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FigFiFoFum – I smell the blood of a RECOMMENDED BOOK OF THE WEEK! This week we’re recommending: Intertwined by Gena Showalter.


Intertwined by Gena Showalter from

There’s this weird thing about Aden Stone: he hears the voices of dead people rattling around in his brain. Which in the real world means YOU CRAZY but in the YA world means everyone thinks you’re crazy but really there’s just something paranormal going on. Which is the case in Intertwined – Aden has four souls trapped in his head, so everyone thinks he’s schizophrenic when he’s actually just a misunderstood spirit-sucking kid. It’s a real party up there, with Julian, who can raise the dead; Elijah, who can predict the future; Eve, who time travels; and Caleb, who can possess bodies. Which doesn’t leave too much room for poor Aden, just chilling in his new home for orphaned delinquents and trying to find the girl of his (literal) dreams.

When Aden thinks he catches a glimpse of this beautiful girl he dreams about every night, he follows her to public school, only to discover that it isn’t her after all. Luckily they become fast friends—especially because Mary Ann silences Aden’s five person inner-monologue cacophony. Teamed up for the first time in his life, Aden starts to believe he can answer the questions he’s been asking all his life—like why he’s plagued, and how he can get rid of his cranial intruders. Of course, there’s more paranormal crazy where that came from, so he and Mary Ann are up against more than they bargained for.

“If all we’ve got to look forward to is disloyalty and treachery, why do we even make friends?”

You will like this if you:

  • Believe that men and women can be friends, but only if one silences the voices in the other’s head
  • Love zombies, but find yourself wishing that zombie stories would include some vampires and werewolves in case the zombies feel lonely
  • Dream about girls and then  follow them places (but not in a stalker-y kind of way)

You will not like this if you:

  • Get queasy over the idea of half-decomposed bodies rising from the grave

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