Figment Olympics

Only July 3rd, the Figment Forums were host to the First Annual Figment Olympics. This was an event run completely by Figment members, for other Figment members. But no Poll Vault or Beach Volleyball here; in the Figment Olympics, contestants used their well-trained writing muscles and Figlympic spirit to battle against one another for prizes and glory. Contestants wrote stories, poems, longest sentences (kind of like sprinting for your fingers), and other fun stuff. Check out all the activities here!

But at the end of the day, only a few could take the podium…

*Session One- Fish Fingers and Custard (Celeste the Fish)
*Session Two- James Loveless
*Session Three- Angela Richart

They each won $25 dollars. Congrats!

And a shout-out to judges and organizers: Tempest Wisdom, GodZina, Astralhaze Wellington, Lillian Peake, Rose Rivera, Coco Firestone, and Aly Harris.

According to the organizers, there will be another Olympics next year, so if you missed this one, better starting training now.

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