Ahhhhhhhh! *HEADDESK*

We know that many figmenters are card carrying nerdfighters, but we also think there are many among you who are prime candidates for nerdfighteria. Why? Nerdfighters are made of pure awesome. Figmenters are made of pure awesome. That’s awesome squared, which we picture as kind of a glow-y Rubik’s cube.

Nerdfighters are fans of John & Hank Green and their joint YouTube channel, VlogBrothers. What do you need to know to understand brotherhood 2.0? We can start with the basics: Don’t Forget To Be Awesome (DFTBA), nerds are cool, and giraffe love has a surprisingly large internet following. Our Friday Video gives you a pretty good idea of what you’re getting into, but let it be known: the awesome in no way ends here.

Nerdfighters- what should new initiates know?

8 thoughts on “Ahhhhhhhh! *HEADDESK*

  1. Well, new initiates should of course know that we ARE talking about THAT John Green. You know. The genius behind Paper Towns and An Abundance of Katherines and the like. Yep. THAT John Green. (And his brother. Hank.)

  2. Yes! Dear God, YES! My love for John Green is never failing. And also Hank. But mostly John. Nerdfighters FTW! DFTBA!

  3. I saw the comment bout it being ‘THE John Green’ and flashed back to when Maureen Johnson became ‘Actual John Green’. That was great.

    New initiates should know… That it’s okay to find the Humpy Hank phenomenon mildly disturbing.

  4. Finally figmenters will be exposed to the awesomeness of nerdfighters! See, I clicked blog, I saw the title (ahhhhhhhh! *headdesk*) and I said.. “could it be?” then I saw john green in the video screen and I was like :O!! I love him! Thanks, figment!

  5. After watching this, I started watching the other clips…

    It’s amazing! Why wait soooooo long to tell people of this???

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