#Figlitchat Recap: Books to Movies

Every week, we host a twitter chat from @figmentfiction called #figlitchat. In this week’s #figlitchat, we discussed the art of book-to-movie (and book-to-television) adaptations.

On fan fervor:

On favorite adaptations:

On least favorite adaptations:

On impending adaptations:

And, in closing:

If you missed out on #figlitchat this week, make sure to join us next Wednesday, July 13th at 8 PM EST for a #figlitchat about Harry Potter. ALL about Harry Potter. We will be attending in costume.

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2 thoughts on “#Figlitchat Recap: Books to Movies

  1. Lol on the last tweet. XD I had the same thought while watching that movie. Mini-series. Whatever you want to call it.

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