11 thoughts on “In the House

  1. (Definitely just got Hufflepuff on that test.)

    Oh, woe betide the hopelessly unremarkable… But at lest yellow is a nice color.

  2. Hahaha, poor Hufflepuffs.
    Maybe… Hufflepuffs are really… You know great at that thing that… yeah that one. Cooking? They’re near the kitchens aren’t they?

  3. Have to disagree with that. Hufflepuffs are loyal and kind. There aren’t many people out there like that…not that I’ve met. I hate the misconception that it’s the house that where the people who didn’t fit into any of the other houses ends up in. >.>

  4. Hahaha, I could NOT stop laughing at the video…poor Hufflepuff.

    Though I will say Hufflepuff are kind and loyal.

    Still, Ravenclaw all the way!

  5. @Erin: I don’t FIND that very surprising!

    @Leak: I completely agree… Some of my best friends are Hufflepuffs and they’re awesome. But you have to admit the video was funny.

  6. I’m a Slytherin… darn it…

    Ever since Twilight I knew I was destined to be a Hufflepuff. They have sparkly vapires in there. But seriously, Hufflepuff has been my favorite from the first book.

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