Accio Video!

There are Seven books in the Harry Potter series. Seven. Somehow, though, it’s just not enough, is it? That’s where the internet comes in!  We’ve scoured the fine interwebs to bring you this sampling of supplemental Harry Potter goodness, sure-fire remedies for all your Harry-related hankerings.




1. Potter Puppet Pals

For absurdity and puppetry, look no further than Potter Puppet Pals. There are lots of these now, but I recommend “The Mysterious Ticking Noise” as a solid introduction, because it’s wicked catchy, and also… Puppet Snape.

2. A Very Potter Musical

Combining two of life’s great joys: HP and Musicals. If you want to watch and discuss A Very Potter Musical with Figs and Mods- save it until Wednesday at 8pm EST and meet us on the forums for Movie Night!

3. Like It’s Quidditch

Need a jam to pump yourself up before heading out to the Midnight Premiere?! Caution: may cause serious (LY AWESOME) earworm.

4. Waka Waka Voldy Voldemort

And then, there’s this. I mean, yeah.

11 thoughts on “Accio Video!

  1. I am a Starkid for life. I will definitely be watching AVPM again! Then I’ll watch the sequel. Then probably Starship, even though it has a lack of Darren Criss.

    “God Cedric, you’re just this guy that’s always around when I don’t need a guy. You’re just this SPARE guy-”



    • When I read your comment I grinned, squealed, and then hugged my computer. Yes. That is how much I love your words 🙂

  2. I was reading a different Harry Potter thing and Darren’s face popped up and I made an inhuman squeal. Jussayin. I wasn’t expecting it, is all. If I had known it was coming it would have been more of an “that’s epic” laughing fit. I have problems…. 😛

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