Harry Potter in Charts.

If you’ve never gotten into the Potter groove, the complex world may seem a little confusing. Everything, though, is easy to understand when boiled down into easy-to-digest charts, made entirely by us (*smug*):











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78 thoughts on “Harry Potter in Charts.

  1. You find Snape attracive?????? Oh dear, I may have just cried. You worry me sometimes. I completely agree with the last chart. Except the “crying through my tears” part came right after Sirius died. He’s my favorite.

  2. Pahaha I love the ‘How Attractive I Find This Character’ graph.
    My friend had a cushion with Robert Pattinson’s face on (Um, yeah..) and I’ve lost count of how often she had to say ‘He was hot as Cedric, goddammit!’
    But yeah.. um, Neville. BOOM.

  3. I would definitely be in the “overwhelming, intimidating, inexplicable attraction” category on the Snape graph. And I mean the character, not the actor, by the way. He’s pretty awesome, but still. (I’d also like to point out that Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville and Draco were all absolutely adorable in the first movie.)

    • Yeah, they were awesome in the first movie. How are they not above Voldemort until book 2? In fact, how did Voldemort even get on an attractiveness chart? (And no sudden dip at book 9? No one else got nightmares from King’s-cross-ugly-bloody-wimpering-Voldemort? No one?

    • I completely agree! I looked at the chart and practically started yelling at it for them being less than Voldemort when they were just so cute! 😉

      • How did Voldemort even get on that chart? Neville did become suddenly and amazingly attractive around book/movie 5 though. 🙂

  4. Definitely agree with you on the “How attractive I find this charatcer”, bit. Snape is just excellent. Also — the “can’t read through my tears”. Oh jesus, I was bawling during the last book.

  5. I still find that Sirius Black was amazingly hot (he had a mustache- WIN!), awesome and more awesme. I bawled when he

    *spoiler alert*


  6. I have always loved Snape. Come on, people! He kept Lily’s patronus as his own! That is heart-rending, unrequited romance. Sigh…

  7. The Cedric part on the attractiveness graph makes no sense…Cedric is a character…he isn’t Edward Cullen. That’s like saying that after you watched Die Hard Snape’s character graph would change…oh wait, no it wouldn’t. :p

    But honestly, these made me smile.

    • I will say something about this, too. Robert has actually been quoted saying that he /hates/ Edward Cullen, so that’s how he played him, as an emo kid who hates himself.

    • They’re just saying that after Twilight came out, they looked at Cedric differently. Which I have to agree with. It’s just weird because He wasn’t in the first three movies.

  8. SNAPE?!?!?! Attractive?! I’m trying not to vomit! Everything else was spot on though, so thanks for everything else.

    (Snape… Ewwww!!!)

    • I feel like pointing out that most people aren’t attracted to Snape for his looks, but they just rather enjoy his cruel and cold personality and have a ‘feeling’ that he’s not really /that/ bad of a person.

  9. I had absolutely no weird feeling for snape until like two day ago when I had a dream where we got married. Then the whole inexplicable attraction thing happened.

  10. LOVE this. It might be because I feel very much the same. I might find Alan Rickman oddly alluring. Oh, and I was always intrigued by Snape. The Cedric thing… COMPLETELY true. However, I think Harry was kinda annoying through book 7 (at least until the end of it).

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  12. “Feelings toward J.K. Rowling as the Harry Potter Series Progresses”

    Strange, I developed a similar graph and had “Hermione and Ron end up together” as a vertical asymptote tending towards the negative on the heart-axis.

    What’s that you say? The shipping wars ended several years ago?

  13. I don’t think Severus ever redeemed himself. He was party to murders during the time he was the stooge of both Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort. He was a double agent, yes, but the way Rowling depicts it, it doesn’t follow that he was redeemed in my eyes. He witnessed and, most importantly, participated in horrors. If it was because of loyalty to Dumbledore, then Dumbledore is just as evil.

    • That’s so harsh. He did all he could, nobody ever died on his watch at Hogwarts, and he did it all to stop Voldamort.
      Plus it must have been unbearably painful for him to have to put up with Harry reminding him of all he lost for all those years! Wouldn’t you have been a bit grumpy?

    • yes she does and for a while i thhough that hermione and harry would end up together… what would that have been like??

  14. jaja I was very surprised to see Draco wasn’t on your graph of attractive characters… he would have been the line that is Snape’s.

  15. I love Snape too!! (Also, Alan Rickman!!) And I liked him BEFORE I found out that he really is on the right side. My daughter thinks he is disgusting and I am crazy….

  16. I have to disagree with Ron’s attractiveness trajectory… he went from an adorable child to a horribly awkward looking teenager. I would say that’s a definite step down.

    • I was waiting for somebody to say that!!! I agree I thought he was an adorable kid but then I changed drastically. 🙁

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  19. I just came from reading a hugely disturbing Snape/Hermione fanfic where Snape was a pedo…so yeah. EW. Emma Watson with Alan Rickman. *shudder*

  20. i think that ron was cute in the first book/movie and in the last bok/movie and as another note NEVILLE HAD ALWAYS BEEN MY FAVORITE CHARACTER! it took the rest o you peepes seven books to figure that out…

  21. Haha, I love how in the 3rd graph, most of the characters’ lines are doing acrobatics. Then you just see Snape’s line all horizontal up there at the top. And then you smile until your lips rip down the middle.

  22. My thoughts on this post:

    ~ I LOVE SEVERUS SNAPE WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL, CAPS LOCK CANNOT EVEN NEARLY DESCRIBE MY TRUE FEELINGS!!! With that said, I do not like Lily Evans. He will always be alive in my daydreams! #obsessivefangirl

    ~ This may be weird but young Tom Riddle in the half Blood Prince movie has quite some brooding charm does that not count? XD

    ~ Why is Draco not in the attractiveness graph?

    ~ I agree and approve of everything!

    ~ Excuse me while I go back to my HP daydreams again.

  23. I totally bawled during the last movie and Snape’s memories. That said, I find it vaguely disgusting that fans have crushes on him. That’s like one of my friends, who has a crush on Loki from the Avengers…totally weird. I don’t get it, personally, even though I L-O-V-E Snape as a character. And considering a million guys have huge crushes on Emma Watson, she deserves higher on the attractiveness chart. And ALL of them deserve higher in the earlier movies. Personally, I found Harry the cutest in the fourth one.

  24. I would just like to say thst I read through this list and before I got to the last one I saw the AVPM picture of Darren Criss and I legitimately made an inhuman squel-type thing. It was slightly disturbing, but it’s only because I wasn’t expecting it and StarKid is like, my favorite thing ever (beside Harry Potter, of course, and you know, the rest of the Internet)

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