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Greetings, muggles! In honor of Harry Potter week, I’m recommending my personal favorite of the series: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I know people complain about this book because Harry spends most of it being a whiny, sullen teen whose main pastime is raising his voice in inappropriate situations. But there are two main reasons this book tops my list. First, we get to see James and Lilly in action. I LOVE hearing about the marauders and imagining the Hogwarts of generations past. (Side note – did you know there’s an entire genre of fanfiction devoted to this specific time period? It’s called MWPP, which stands for Mooney/Wormtail/Padfoot/Prongs. I know what I’m doing tonight…)

I also think it’s really interesting that Order of the Phoenix is the book where Harry has to face the fact that James wasn’t always heroic and upstanding – he was actually a bit of a rapscallion. Those bad boys with hearts of gold…they’ll getcha every time. Right, Lily?

And the second reason this book is my favorite: Dolores Umbridge. Umbridge is quite possibly one of my favorite characters of all time – I just love to hate her. Her outfits, those creepy cat plates in her office, her sick, sadistic punishments. I think it’s great that she rises so far in the Hogwarts hierarchy because then when she gets her comeuppance it is so, so sweet. Reading that scene of Fred and George flying out of Hogwarts always leaves me feeling buoyantly triumphant.

You will like this book if you:

  • Wish you and your friends were cool enough to figure out how to transfigure yourselves.
  • Enjoy throwing temper tantrums.
  • Want something to make you appreciate normal punishments, like grounding and loss of cell phone privileges.

You will not like this book if you:

  • Have no soul.

11 thoughts on “Recommended Book of the Week

  1. Bahahaha

    This actually is my least favorite of the series!!!

    It’s a great book, but the amount of bitching, and whining Harry does makes it one of the less impressive novels. If you had gone one up, the Sixth, we’d be talking a little bit differently… haha.

    • Plus, I love Lily…but I haven’t read this book for awhile.

      I like the chapter about her and Snape in the 7th book.

      • I agree.
        The Price’s Tale is my favorite chapter of the entire series. I don’t know why, though, because admittedly I’m not a huge Snape fan.

  2. Book 5 is my favorite, too… Luna comes in, we get more Marauders, Snape gets pwned, Um,bridge gets trampled, the twins dominate, and Harry gets emo around the edges, causing others to lecture him about his obnoxious angst… what’s not to like?

  3. FINALLY, someone who agrees to me! I love this book soooo much, mostly because of Sirius. I also think…actually, it’s must my favorite for a multitude of reasons! Hey, where are you going to be reading your fanfiction??? I want some!

  4. Oh, if you really want good fanfiction I have something for you! Time magazine recommended it, and because they notified me of figment I trust them completely, so here’s a link.

    If that doesn’t work, it’s called “Crossroads” by Emmyjean. It’s Marauder era fanfic, and it’s all about James and Lily, and it’s very sweet, and true, and exactly how I pictured it to be. (Sorry, I tend to ramble.) So yes, this is absolutely the best I’ve found.

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