How-to: Prep for line waiting at the Deathly Hallows pt.2 release.

To bring:

-Your tickets! Or the confirmation email! Or the credit card you bought the tickets with- whatever it takes.
-A stick wand. Standard.
-A costume. C’mon! It’s the last chance you’ll really get to wear robes in public. Upgrade generic Hogwarts students costumes with key supporting character details. Are you a Gryffindor? Add a camera. You’re Colin Creevy. Are you a Ravenclaw? Cry. You’re Moaning Myrtle. Are you a Hufflepuff? Add sparkles and fangs. You’re Cedric Diggory. Are you a Slytherin? Cross your arms and look angry/confused. You’re Goyle!
-Jellybeans. Use these to make friends with the people in the line around you.
-A sheet of obscure Harry Potter characters and/or trivia. Use this information to strike fear and awe into the hearts of your fellow waiters. Or you could be nice and run a trivia game and give jellybeans as prizes. You Hufflepuff.
-Harry Potter Uno

To leave at home:

-Your life size Buckbeak plushie
-Your Harry Potter books. Someone else will have them. If you really need to check out the name of the Muggle Studies teacher (*cough* Charity Burbage *cough*), you can make friends by asking to peep a neighbor’s copy.
-Your friend who only likes Harry Potter “ironically,” who “doesn’t see what the big deal is” and says the books “really aren’t that well written.” No one wants that dementor around sucking the soul out of everyone’s good time.


-Get there early.
-Eat beforehand.
-Let the excitement build and build and bubble over.


-Wait in character if the character you are dressed as is an ass and you are going to be an ass the entire time. Would *you* want to stand next to Lucius Malfoy for three hours? No, cause he’s an ass.

5 thoughts on “How-to: Prep for line waiting at the Deathly Hallows pt.2 release.


    I just got into the midnight show and I cannnot stop screaming!!!

    It’s gonna be TOTALLY AWESOME!

  2. This is awesome! 🙂 I loved the movie. I cried through like half of it, and then when I wasn’t crying I was laughing. Or doing both at the same time. We got there about four hours beforehand and it was this huge party in the theatre; wizard duels, ninja, costumes galore. I’m so incredibly sad it’s over, though!!

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