What if Harry Potter were an anime?

There is a lot of Harry Potter fanart out there. I’ve drawn my own fair share.

But what happens when individuals take fanart to the next level? (This is a level where things move and dance and possibly sing.) A number of fans have done just that. Using their artistic powers for good, they combine Harry Potter with various anime openings, endings, and Internet memes! Some even do original animations that are just astounding.

Code Geass is an anime about chess. And…robots. And pizza! Chances are you already know what Harry Potter is about. So what happens when Code Geass meets Harry Potter? (Things get epic.) Rapidly.

This one is pretty much mind-blowing. It’s an original animation by an artist from Thailand.

Snape and Lily. Might result in tragic faces on the part of the viewer.

Mindless cute. Dance Marauders, dance!


For the unaware, Danjo is a viral dance meme.

Another one that might give you cavities.

The infamous Caramelldansen. If you’ve never heard of this one, you really need to work on your Meme Knowledge.

Just because there are no more books, and the movies have come to an end doesn’t mean that Harry Potter is over forreals. There is always still time for them to create an animated adaptation!

5 thoughts on “What if Harry Potter were an anime?

  1. “May result in tragic faces on the part of the viewer” is the most honest bit of truth I’ve read. My face was mangled by emotion! I need to stop stalking Harry Potter stuff on Figment…

  2. You should talk about parodies like the Team Starkid productions and Potter Puppet Pals…things like that…

  3. Haha!! Snapelouch and Harryzaku… that works, strangely enough. Even though Snape and Harry are a generation apart, it still works.

    Also Order of the Holy Swords… and as a Harry Potter fan, I’m glad there wasn’t a scenario for Harry that matched what was actually going on in that death scene shown there (the character who’s redrawn as Snape was one of my favorites, and I shipped her with the guy whose arms she dies in). And then at the end with the music from other-favorite-character’s death scene? T___T

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