#figlitchat recap: Harry Potter

Every week, we host a twitter chat from @figmentfiction called #figlitchat. In this week’s #figlitchat, we discussed the art of book-to-movie (and book-to-television) adaptations. Towards the end of the discussion, we began sharing what Harry Potter has taught us. The responses were moving, funny, and thoughtful.

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17 thoughts on “#figlitchat recap: Harry Potter

  1. Harry Potter taught me that love changes people in powerful ways and that a real hero is one who is not afraid of his own weakness but overcomes it anyway.

  2. Harry Potter taught me that even best friends XtoX close can have fights, and also taught me to NEVER trust a teacher with a pink office!

  3. Rowling’s books taught me that we all have a dark and light side and that our journey is to overcome one, and that there is humor in everything, and my favorite Dumbledore quote “of course it’s happening inside your head harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” taught me a lot.

  4. Harry Potter has taught me how to live right, because Harry Potter IS my life. And IS will never ever be replaced with WAS.

  5. Harry Potter has taught me that not all ugly things are beasts. That even the simplest thing can have the most powerful affect on something.

  6. Harry potter taught me to love certain evil, black-clad, long haired, mother-loving teachers… guess who. Also, never get the same wand as your arch-nemesis. Causes many problems…

  7. Harry Potter has taught me to never keep it to yourself that the greatest Dark Wizard in history has been resurrected, even if one of your teachers is gouging your hand out for it.

  8. Courage is not the absence of fear – only a fool is not afraid: it is in facing one’s fears that one demonstrates courage.

  9. Harry Potter taught me that even if you were not born when it started you can end it. P.S I was not alive when the first book came out, but i was alive for the last movie!!!!! 🙂

  10. Harry potter taught me many things. For instance:
    If you die and there is an evil wizard that you need to kill, you will come back to life.

    If a few people obsess enough over a book, the whole world will know about that book, and eventually obsess over it, too.

    A book with many characters will cause some odd fanfiction to be written.

    There is always another story to be told, you just have to be more creative than the idiot writer who published a famous book before you.

    Start by writing on napkins. God knows, it made an interesting story for JK Rowling to tell.

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