Clean by Amy Reed

Clean by Amy Reed from The Figment Reviewby Frankie

When someone asks me about a book I am reading, the answer is generally “Eh, it’s okay.” (I’m very picky about books.) However, when asked about Clean by Amy Reed I immediately responded, “It’s great! I love it!”

Clean is the story of five teenage addicts—Eva, Kelly, Olivia, Jason, and Christopher—who are in rehab together. They have different addictions, different personalities, and completely different stories, but they come together to form a group in rehab.

The story is wonderfully written from the perspective of Kelly and Christopher, along with group session transcripts and required “personal essays”. I could see every scene vividly in my mind as I read through the chapters one after another. Now that I’m finished, I feel like I could easily navigate the halls of the rehab center or pick one of the characters out of the crowd.

And not only are the details in the story fantastic, but the storyline itself is intriguing too.  There was truly not one moment of the reading where I thought, “I guess I can stop reading now, and I’ll be okay.” In fact, when my parents finally forced me to put the book down, I spent every other second thinking about it until finishing.

Amy Reed truly did an amazing job telling the separate stories of the five characters’ transformations from addicts clinging desperately to their drug of choice to teens on their way to being normal. I give this book a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, and I’ll most definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an engaging, meaningful, and moving book to read.


Frankie, or “thefrankie,” has been called weird but thinks original is a much better word. She’s fourteen, and (obviously) a writer. She’s been telling stories since she was three, writing since she first learned to, and wanting to be an author since Kindergarten. Her other hobbies are running, playing handbells, singing loudly off-key, taking pictures of exploded fruits (exploded watermelons are actually very cool), playing with play-doh, and hanging out on figment!

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