Odd Jobs: Jackson Pearce

Jackson Pearce, author of Sisters Red, catmaster, and colorguard coach, has had some bad jobs. I would sympathize if it didn’t provide such great fodder for characters and stories. Jackson, I hearby petition that your next book be about an ex-felon obituary writer who commemorates a waitress who works at a sketchy bar and dies tragically one night of chocolate milk poisoning. Grim, yes, but it’ll be a bestseller.

8 thoughts on “Odd Jobs: Jackson Pearce

  1. I was supposed to be working at a summer camp this August, but then the camp director (he’s also a school teacher) got caught for drunk driving, so yeahhh… I don’t have a job now, haha.

  2. She’s an absolutely hilarious person. I literally (if you watch more of her videos you’ll see why I’m using that) spent two hours watching her videos. And I laughed. Constantly.

  3. This is great. The only job I’ve ever had was baby-sitting, which actually has a funny story. I was doing an all-day (amazing money!) and I decided we should go outside on that lovely day. But we couldn’t leave the new dog inside, so we brought both dogs out. 5 minutes later. I am chasing the older dog down the street for two blocks and across another busy street. I sent the kid back to get the leash (I know you shouldn’t do that, but I had no other choice) and then dragged the dog back to the house by holding him between my knees. Yikes. I did get payed more for my troubles.

  4. Okay, WOW. Fail. I just commented on the WRONG post. Wow, I’m embarrassed. This sucks. Whatever. I’ll just comment on the other post! 😛

  5. Odd jobs… Well, I used to walk dogs for this lesbian lady. (Nothing against them, her dogs just hated men.) I also was a petitioner to put naked gay men around the capital. It was a joke, though, and I didn’t get paid.

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