Girls Write Now: Brittany and Meghan

On Friday, June 17, Figment had the great pleasure of attending the final Girls Write Now CHAPTERS reading in New York City. We’ve had so much fun going to all of these readings!

Girls Write Now is a one-of-a-kind mentorship program where young women get paired with professional women writers. Every year, their work culminates in a CHAPTERS reading where the girls get to read their work.

For this event, Figment trailed behind two veteran Girls Write Now mentees, Brittany and Meghan, both of whom are graduating this year. They’ve been with the program for many years, and have developed close relationships with their mentors. Check out our interview with Brittany and Meghan and their performance on the Girls Write Now stage below!

That video no doubt just left you wanting to hear even MORE from these fantastic young women, so head over to Girls Write Now’s YouTube channel, which has their full performances.

A BIG thank you to Girls Write Now, Brittany, Meghan, and everyone who made this possible! We look forward to attending more CHAPTERS readings next year.

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