Happy Birthday to Books! 7/25 through 7/31

We always get excited about book birthdays at Figment, and we believe it’s never too hot to fire up the oven to bake some birthday cupcakes. Or run down the street to Sprinkles. But this week has some extra special little ones that I have a really good feeling about. I wonder if this is how people felt when Lady Gaga was born?

Supernaturally by Kiersten White from Figment.comSupernatually by Kiersten White (7/26/11)

This follow up to Paranormalcy centers on Evie, a paranormal creature hunter, and her new, normal life. I can’t wait to read this because really, what could be sweeter than watching someone who actually longed for high school life discover exactly how lame it is and break free? It’s the best kind of “I told you so.”


Love and Other Things I'm Bad At by Catherine Clark from Figment.com


Love and Other Things I’m Bad At by Catherine Clark (7/26/11)

I just love a cute, slightly neurotic, totally relatable narrator, and it sounds like that’s exactly who Courtney Smith is. She’s a college freshman struggling to maintain her semi-vegan diet and freaking out over her separation from her long-time boyfriend, Grant Superior. YA books about college students are fairly rare, so I think this is worth picking up just for a fresh perspective.


And Then Things Fall Apart by Arlaina Tibensky from Figment.comAnd Then Things Fall Apart by Arlaina Tibensky (7/26/11)

This is a book about a teenager who gets the chicken pox and has to spend the summer holed up in her grandmother’s spare bedroom. Keek’s worried she’s going a little crazy, so she reads (ironically) Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar over and over to stay sane. This has such an interesting premise, and, even better, it seems that Keek does eventually escape from her pox coma and live a real summer – complete with boys and drama and everything!


Putting Makeup On The Fat Boy by Bil Wright from Figment.comPutting Makeup on the Fat Boy by Bil Wright (7/26/11)

One of the skills I’ve always most admired is an ability to apply make-up in a way not specifically prescribed for you. I’ve never understood how people get creative with make-up and try out new colors and styles without ending up looking like a clown. So a book about an aspiring make-up artist? A male aspiring make-up artist? What’s not to love?


The Babysitter Murders by Janet Ruth Young from Figment.comThe Babysitter Murders by Janet Ruth Young (7/26/11)

Dani is a normal teenager, except that she gets these weird images in her head. Lately, they’re becoming overpowering; she imagines herself harming the people she loves. Most vividly, she sees herself gruesomely murdering the little boy she babysits. When she confesses, her town launches a witch hunt against her, and the book becomes an exploration of society’s treatment of the mentally ill. Creepily fascinating – I can’t wait!

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