Manga/Graphic Novels fans?

Bonus points plus a thousand if you recognize this graphic novel.

Comic Con just passed, it’s Otakon this weekend, and I’m curious. How many of you read manga or graphic novels? Or have you never tried to read them? Do you all dress up as Nana or Flash on the weekends, or do you think such people are strange?

Please take my polls below! You have to answer each question individually…yeah, forgive my poll-making skills.


Graphic novels?
I read them all the time.
I read them sometimes.
Blergh, not interested.
Books with pictures are PREEETTY. free polls
I learned Japanese just to read it in the original.
That’s really, really dorky.
Some of my friends like it, but meh.
I read it sometimes.
Not interested. Too weird. free polls
What’s your favorite subgenre?
Golden Age
Web comics
Newspaper strips
“Literary” free polls
Favorite catchprase?
Gotta catch ’em all!
In the name of the moon, I will punish you.
Believe it!
My Spider-Sense is tingling.
Holy ______, Batman!
Sit, boy. free polls
Lindsay, I need a dorkier question in order to express my love of these things, please.
I cosplay.
I have been to a convention.
If I met Stan Lee, I would pass out.
I am ten miles into otakudom and never, ever want to escape.
I have tried to write my own graphic novel.
When I read (illegal) scanlations, I feel like a ninja (which is an overused, lame expression, BTW). free polls

24 thoughts on “Manga/Graphic Novels fans?

  1. I command you to use a different poll making site. When I voted, it took me to this page with an ad and that screensaver page popped up.

  2. As proof by the fact that I have fanfiction (which has 17 chapters already!) I am a BIG fanboy of the manga/anime Yumekui Merry… Apart from that, I sometimes read Pokemon Manga… And for the longest time, I was subscribed to Shonen Jump…

    But… I prefer anime to manga.

  3. I read a lot of manga when I was younger, same with graphic novels, but now that I’m older and much more busy I’m lucky to just catch Star Trek Next Gen. on BBC America or the latest Dragon Ball Z.

  4. All I am saying, is that Bleach is amazing. And Naruto is even better. Kakashi Sensei is by far my favorite! Followed by maybe Rukia.

  5. I started off as a graphic novel fan. When I discovered ElfQuest and Sandman I learned that not all graphic novels were about superheroes. ElfQuest led me to manga, and I continue to be a huge fan of anime and manga. I now very rarely read graphic novels, just manga.

    I think that, now that I’m older, I’m a bigger fan of manga than of anime. With manga, if my time is suddenly taken up by real life concerns, I can put it down and then, when I have more time again, I can flip through it to give myself a refresher on anything I might have gotten. With anime, getting that refresher isn’t quite so simple and quick.

  6. I used to be a big fan of manga/anime. But then most of the new stuff is either way to convoluted or just poorly executed. The only anime I’m watching this summer series is Mawaru Penguindrum and the most recent manga I’ve read was Toriko (and only because I was in the mood for massive violence and cooking).

    Revolutionary Girl Utena still has a place in my heart though.

  7. I wouldn’t say I’m an otaku (unfortunately I’m not at the japanese skill level to be one yet) but I do love manga, anime, and fanfiction! =^-^= <—— (see that icon? THAT is how you know I'm a future otaku)

  8. I used to run an illegal scanlation site. I didn’t just do manga; I did doujinshi! By the time I decided to take it down I had hundreds of translated doujinshi, and coresponded with doujinshika-sensei. And, yes, I did learn a lot of Japanese, but I made sure that an American husband and Japanese wife translation team agreed with the translations. Ho ho ho! (evil feminine laughter)

  9. I read manga often enough. Like, Alice In the Country of Hearts, Hetalia, and Fruits Basket, are my favourites. I don’t read many others xD I’ve never cosplayed, and I’m only slightly interested in going to a convention. The amount of people that goes to those, though, freaks me out. Also, I’m one of the few that don’t mind it when an anime is dubbed into english, although I do watch anime with just english subtitles. And I do wish to learn Japanese XD

  10. Please use a different polling website! This one SUCKS.
    Other than that, AWESOME! I’m such a nerd. Such, such a nerd…

  11. I am obsessed. I love manga, and some animes. Detective Conan is the best, but my other tops are Hetalia, Furuba, and JR. I have cosplayed both in public*at a park for photoshoots* and at conventions, which happen two to three times a year for me. I know minimal amounts of Japanese, but am learning more.

    Original with subs are the best, but dubs can be okay, as in Hetalia.

  12. Not gonna lie, i didn’t start liking manga until I played a dragonball z video game, now i watch anime and read manga lol!

  13. Got into shojo as a kid and soon grew out of it.I started to appreciate western comics alot more and got into the indie/alternative scene. I make comics with my sister. We both do writing and art.

  14. xD I draw shonen, and have a friend who draws shoji. The only mangas I read are the Kingdom Hearts ones, and that’s mainly to enhance my drawing….

  15. I’m going to my first convention in November with my friends! Sooooo excited!!! 😀 It’s my first time I actually get to cosplay, too!! X) You can tell I am a HUGE anime/manga fan. ^_^ I also write fanfics and post them online. 😉

  16. I really like graphic novels but I just can’t get my hands on them. My friend on the other hand, She is obsessed! But I wish I could get my hands on more Manga

  17. I wouldn’t say I’m a rabid manga fan, but a fan is a fan, right? I’m not into the popular stuff like Naruto and Bleach; stuff like Durarara and Ouran High School Host Club is fine by me. ^_^

  18. I love anime and manga. Durarara, Black Butler, Death Note, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, and xxxHolic are my favorites but I don’t really like Naruto or bleach-esque things.

  19. I love graphic novels and try to mix them in between novels. They offer a different approach to the story. Also I LOVED Blankets, which is the graphic novel in the graphic. Such a good graphic novel!

  20. I like manga and graphic novels (most of which I can’t remember the names of right now), but I haven’t read much of it… Pandora Hearts is my favorite, and I guess the Pokémon manga is okay (but I prefer the anime), and my sister talked me into reading Death Note, which I deeply regret. Haters gonna hate, but I personally think Death Note is creepyish. If it weren’t for the fact that once he lost his memories, he was a good guy, I’d be convinced that Light is psychotic.
    I like both English subs and when it’s actually translated into English for anime, but fandubs are awful. I know about two things in Japanese. I can’t read/speak Japanese other than that, so translations for manga and subs at the very least are necessary for me.
    Please, please, PLEASE use a different polling site.

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