Contest with Courtney Sheinmel and NWP Winner!

Courtney Sheinmel, author of All the Things You Are, has chosen the winner for the Contest with Courtney Sheinmel and NWP.

The first place winner is To be a Leaf by Ella B! Of Ella’s entry, Courtney said, “The author was a master at “show, don’t tell,” which made the story feel so immediate, and I loved the imagery.”

As winner, Ella will receive a prize pack with a signed copy of Courtney’s latest book, a Moleskine notebook, some funky pens, and a Figment tote. And, of course, the right to brag to everyone she knows that Courtney Sheinmel loved her story.

Courtney also chose Crushed Under the Summer Stars by Asian Swag as runner up! Of “Crushed Under the Summer Stars,” Courtney says, “The writing was evocative, and the ending came as a complete shock. I love a great plot twist!”

Congratulations, Ella and Asian Swag!

Want to read more? Check out Figment’s Twitter chat with Courtney about writerly phobias, tricks and craft. You can also follow Courtney on Figment, her blog, website, and Twitter.

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