Randomness: Human Tetris

Yeah, so this has nothing to do with anything, but IT’S HUMAN TETRIS, GUYS. It’s like an already dorky thing transformed into an uber-dork I BECOME tetris meta-game thing, i.e., worth your time. In two forms, both of which are very enjoyable.

14 thoughts on “Randomness: Human Tetris

  1. ahhh! i love the music/akapela/whatever-you-call-that-thingy-that’s-name-i-can’t-figure-out-right-now-which-is-seriously-is-annoying-the-crap-outta-me…

  2. LOLOLOL human tetris is the awesomest thing ever! I also love the human sound effects, especially the noise when a piece drops into place.

  3. OMG! That was totally awesome. but they were GOING IN ALL THE WRONG SPOTS! AHHHH! It was totally crazy, and driving me insane. 😀 I loved it!

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